Recent Work


FBD Building Signage




FBD are a well-known insurance company that have
numerous locations in towns and cities across Ireland.
As a large-scale company, FBD have strict branding
guidelines to adhere to. We used these guidelines and
fabricated large backlit foamex letters, with the aim of
creating instant impact to the location of the building.


As you can see from the finished photo, the signage
does exactly that! Along with this we also fitted both
printed and frosted window graphics. Another successful
job completed, and another satisfied customer.




IT Sligo New Canteen Building


In August 2014, IT Sligo gave us the opportunity to work in collaboration with O’Hehir’s bakery to design and fit interior signage for the brand new canteen on the college campus. The full project included suspended information signs, large digital wall prints and direction wall vinyl signs.


Thanks to the collaborative effort between our own designers, IT Sligo, O’Hehirs and our fitting team, the end result has a strong and very effective aesthetic. The entire project has made what was originally bare walls and empty space to a homely and comfortable recreational space.





Foy's Laundrette Branding



Foy’s Laundrette is a company based in Sligo town.
They have been operating a succesful business
for many years and have made a great name for
themselves as a company that provides a quality service.
However, their branding was a bit dated, and didn’t reflect
the quality of the company.

After a consultation with the company’s manager,
we created a new branding solution. This was then
implemented in various other signage, to help create
a new and improved image of the company. 



Mc Cormacks Point Of Sale Signs


In order to promote Mc Cormacks loyalty card offers, they needed to provide POS signage for their chain of stores around the country. We worked with the Mc Cormacks marketing team in creating a loyalty card stand for the inside of the stores. The design, print and assembly of the stands was all completed in-house. The stands create a massive impact to customers upon entry of the store. Mc Cormacks are now using these POS stands in various stores nationwide.